About Qyadati

About Qyadati

Qyadati is an online multi-language driver’s awareness program that has been initiated by the Traffic Safety Signature Program to help in building a safe driving behavior on the roads aiming to decrease the number of car accidents and losses on the roads.
The Educational Dimension in Traffic Safety Signature Program lead by Mr. Ziyad Alkadi has been working in the last two years on developing Qyadati, which is considered a new and unique program in the Middle East and worldwide that will help to increase driver’s awareness of road safety. In addition, the program offers a free membership for all users, which makes it easily accessible for everyone worldwide. Currently, Qyadati is available in four languages, which are, English, Arabic, Tagalog and Urdu. In addition, Educational Dimension team is still working on translating the program to more languages so it can cover a bigger platform of worldwide users to benefit from the educational material of the program. Moreover, the team is working on adding Indonesian language (Bahasa) in the near future.
However, Qyadati offer the users 10 audio-visual educational material that covers different topics that will help in educating the users to form a safe driving behavior on the roads. Each topic will be followed by a 10 multiple choice questions that will evaluate the user driving behavior and the user awareness of road safety. 
To pass the program, the user needs to score 80% or above in each topic. of the program has been programed to issue a certificate from Traffic Safety Council in the Eastern Province for each user that successfully completed all 10 modules in the program. The certificate will be sent to the user email in Arabic for Arabic users and in English for the users in other languages to confirm that the user has successfully completed the program.

Also one of the main features that Qyadati program offers to the users is flexibility pausing their progress at any time and resumes it when it is convenient for the user. 
Since launching the website in four languages until 11th of July 2015, the number of Qyadati program users has reached 2,024.
The report below shows the countries with the most visit and usage of the website. In addition, Saudi Arabia is the leading country of using the program with 58.9% followed by the United States with 9.5% and other countries such as, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Russia all with 2.3%.    
The average users of Qyadati program reached 73 users per-day, 402 per-week and 1,912 per-month.

There are number of companies, colleges and governmental sectors in Saudi Arabia that already started to implement Driver’s awareness Program (Qyadati) on their employees. Moreover, Qyadati can offer those who are interested in implementing the program to have the ability to track the progress of each employee by using the administrator feature that the website offers. This can be organized by coordinating with the Educational Dimension of Traffic Safety Signature Program in Saudi Aramco.
Traffic Safety Signature Program hopes to implement the program on the Traffic Safety Council members, then spread the program to the governmental and private sector, colleges and Driving Schools to make it as part of the curriculum to improve self-driving behavior among road users and to be more defensive drivers to avoid losses and accidents on the road. 

Try to stay away from driving whilst feeling angry or aggressive. Driving whilst angry is unsafe and may lead to an accident. Try to remain calm to enable you to control the vehicle.

Sultan Al Zahrani Director, TSSP - Saudi Aramco

The driver of a vehicle must stop before the allocated stop line at a red signal and must make sure there are no pedestrians or traffic at least two seconds. He may then turn to the right after ensuring the pedestrian crossing is empty and checking the way is also free of any other oncoming cars. The only lane allocated for turning right after coming to complete stop for two seconds at a red light is the far right lane.

Osman Alkhoitr Vice President of Aramco previously

You must plan in advance before entering or exiting a highway. Keep to the appropriate lane and use your indicators to show the direction you intend to go. It is strictly prohibited to reverse if you miss the exit or entrance on a highway or even within the city.

Mohamed Al Osaimi Media consultant

Dear Driver,

Membership to this program is free, allowing you to view materials and topics...