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Try to stay away from driving whilst feeling angry or aggressive. Driving whilst angry is unsafe and may lead to an accident. Try to remain calm to enable you to control the vehicle.

Sultan Al Zahrani Director, TSSP - Saudi Aramco

The driver of a vehicle must stop before the allocated stop line at a red signal and must make sure there are no pedestrians or traffic at least two seconds. He may then turn to the right after ensuring the pedestrian crossing is empty and checking the way is also free of any other oncoming cars. The only lane allocated for turning right after coming to complete stop for two seconds at a red light is the far right lane.

Osman Alkhoitr Vice President of Aramco previously

You must plan in advance before entering or exiting a highway. Keep to the appropriate lane and use your indicators to show the direction you intend to go. It is strictly prohibited to reverse if you miss the exit or entrance on a highway or even within the city.

Mohamed Al Osaimi Media consultant

Dear Driver,

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